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Some people may think that the most influential subjects to study are the scientific or concrete ones, but in reality, those that deal with the more abstract factors of life are simply as crucial.

In a world that values concrete results so much, one may start to consider: what is the purpose of art in society? The truth is, it is one of those things that can really take a community together, and create occasions for various skills and passions to establish. Especially in fields that do not have lots of resources, a great way to start crafting is to create a platform for creativity with different forms of art. From theatre seminars to music lessons, to exhibits by local artists, this is a best example of how the arts impact communities, and figures like Igor Tsukanov are very knowledgeable about this, encouraging the ease of access of different forms of art everywhere. Be it the sense of teamwork that comes out of it, or a way to express everyone’s unique creativity, art is surely something that needs to be included today when considering cultural innovation.

Learning about the history of the context we live in now is just so indispensable, so that we can comprehend how to uplift as a society and avoid making the same mistakes. You may wonder, how is this associated with why is art important? The answer is, artistic movement throughout history are frequently inspired or even deeply involved in their modern political and social situations, and therefore recognizing a piece of art from that age could bring a various layer to your knowledge of the past. This factor of the relationship between art and society is absolutely appreciated by figures like Maria Adonyeva, who are involved in making art accessible making sure that people of all backgrounds can be part of the history and culture of their homeland.

There are many illustrations on the importance of art to humankind that we could contemplate, and one that should not be overlooked is the incredible contribution it can give in the context of cognitive innovation for children. It has been proven that learning to take part in different forms of art from a young age, be it playing a musical instrument or painting, has spectacular effects on the advancement of a young brain, strengthening cognitive functions and social skills. Figures like Matthew Slotover greatly appreciate all these benefits, and they are likely among their motivation to continue assisting art-based projects. Moreover, learning to express oneself in various manners is a good way to create a healthy relationship with one’s emotions, which is partly why art is important to the world, as something that we can all benefit from and that will allow for more functional and constructive communities to be founded.

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